Werlwind's Z Eiger Sanction

January 26, 2002 to January 6, 2012
Cause of Death: Complications from Bloat


Eiger was the first Bernese Mountain Dog to come into my life. He was truly a gentle giant that was loved by all who met him. He was always finding himself in silly and awkward situations: getting his head stuck in the seat belt while looking out the window, having snow slide off the roof and landing on him, getting caught in an elevator door, just to name a few. He gave everyone many laughs, and loved humans and berners unconditionally. He will always be remembered. Thank you Eiger, for being the founding father of Snowy Pines.

   Rock N Roll Roxie Av Hiselfoss


January 6th 2006- July 10th 2010
Cause of Death:  Anaphlayctic Shock from Bee Sting

Although you came from another land, it seems that you were made for us and our family.  Daily you brought us joy, love and laughter.  We loved your " goofy" sense of humor and came to depend on that" woo woo woo" bark of yours that told us you were so glad to see us . We continue to look for you in  the field with the blue football in your mouth. Spa days are not the same, without having to wash you twice.   You never did like to stay clean for very long , did you? The dirt hole under the deck was more fun anyway!
 You warmed the hearts of family and friends who came to visit us at Snowy Pines, most who wanted to smuggle you in their cars to go home.  Your large size( 107 lbs) helped us to intercept these" berner nappings."  You  inspired a young teen to dream to show dogs in AKC Jr. Showmanship.  Bailey will  continue to go into show rings into the future with you in her heart!  
Life does not seem fair sometimes Roxie that you left us so early and so suddenly.  But we know you lived your life SO big in the short time you were here with us.  We have come to  know that it is not how long you are here on earth but what you do with your" gifts" when you are here. You used your " gifts " well Roxie and continue to hold a special place in the hearts of all of us.  
  Your spirit lives on at Snowy Pines and we will be forever grateful to Gro for this beautiful girl. Run Free Roxie girl and give those bees a " what for!"  We think of you everyday!

Roxie Garden

OCTOBER 17, 1991-July 2, 2004

Slider January 1992

January 1992
Slider and Greg June 2004

June 2004

It was a sad, gray day when we had to say good-bye to our Slider. The look in his eyes and the laboring of his breathing told us it was time for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge. We know he is now laughing as he chases squirrels, fetches sticks and swims in the cold ocean water. We feel blessed to have had the companionship and adventures with this great dog for almost 13 years. He was often the only non-Bernese Mountain dog at parades, gatherings and dog events. Yet, he was always happy to travel, and socialize with all humans and canines (the pretty Bernese girls were always his favorites). We have such fond memories of his constant dog smile, and glistening topaz eyes. We will laugh for years about his vivacious appetite for left over pizza not quite placed far enough back on the counter, treasured Christmas ornaments off the tree and his ability to squeek a stuffed animal for hours.

Christmas is not the same without Slider to open all the presents including those that did not belong to him. We miss his barking voice singing at our family birthday parties. Thank you Slider for never having a BAD day and for loving us unconditionally.

Thank you for showing Eiger, Zurich and Geneva the ropes and leaving each of them with a small piece of your personality. You have truly touched all of our hearts, and your zest and spirit will always be felt in our home.

Monsieur Good Boy!




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